Glass Fronts
30 April 2021
29 April 2021

Fenix – Laminate Surfaces

Beautiful and functional at the same time

ENIX NTM® is a technical and aesthetic answer to two trends in interior design: smart materials and matt surfaces with anti-fingerprint properties. Thanks to low light reflections and high scratch resistance, a long-lasting, impressive appearance is guaranteed. Furthermore, the surfaces are anti-bacterial and hygienic and thus safe for contact with food. Especially in contact with moisture, mould can hardly form. 

Besides our wide and diverse range of surface finishes, we also provide the option of selecting custom colours to suit any individual preference. No colour idea, no wish is too of beat – we can provide any customer lacquer finish from the familiar RAL, NCS, and Sikkens colour pallets.

The doors can me edged in real metal in either Aluminium, Aluminium Gold coloured, Aluminium Copper coloured, Aluminium Rose Gold coloured or Aluminium Black.