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30 April 2021
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1 June 2020


Turn your kitchen into something very special

Estatuario Silk (3)

The latest in kitchen technology. Villeroy & Boch Kitchens are leading the way with this revolutionary new material.

Our ceramic worktops and ceramic fronts are made of high-quality ceramic and are currently available in 9 different colours and finishes to meet the highest standards of modern kitchen design. However, ceramic in the kitchen is not only characterised by its high-class appearance, but above all by its functional properties.

Kitchen surfaces are subject to heavy wear and tear and are exposed to high levels of stress, as contact with acidic food, sharp kitchen tools and hot pots is part of their everyday life.

The material quality is therefore all the more important. Villeroy & Boch benefits from more than 270 years of experience in the manufacture of kitchen sinks and, fittingly, now also offers the appropriate kitchen surfaces for maximum comfort and minimum maintenance.

Latest design

Due to the collaboration of Villeroy & Boch and Neolith customers are able to have matching ceramic doors and worktops creating a visually stunning effect.

Heat resistance

Putting down hot oven moulds or ports leaves the ceramic work tops from Villeroy & Boch completely unaffected. Ceramic can withstand temperatures of up to 1800°C

Lightfast in any colour

Even after long, intensive exposure to the sun, each of our ceramic colours remains as beautiful as the first day


The natural material is odourless and tasteless and therefore absolutely hygienic and food safe, unlike the polish material needed to coat quartz and granite worktops.

Acid-resistant & easy to clean

Food does not leave any permanent traces on the surface. Even acidic foods such as lemon can be easily handled by the ceramic without the fear of a coating dissolving

Scratch resistant

The high-quality surface is so strong than even the user of knives barely leaves any traces

Ceramic: Each front with its 3mm thick ceramic is unique and it convinces with a distinctive texture. Worktops, side panels and back panels are made of 12mm thick ceramic, turning your kitchen into a design highlight with its unique look and feel. Thanks to its high degree of hardness, the materials properties remain unchanged even after intensive use and frequent cleaning.

• Estatuario Silk (White Marble)
• Calatorao Silk (Black Marble)
• Strata Argentum Riverwashed (Veining in light grey tones)
• Zaha stone silk (Grey tone with white grain)
• Nero Zimbabwe riverwashed (Matt black, greyish shaded)
• Pietra di luna silk (Soft grey)
• Beton hell (Light concrete)
• Iron anthracite
• Copper red

Calatorao Silk

Beton Silk

Estatuario Silk

Estatuario Silk (3)

Nero Zimbabwe riverwashed

Pietra di Luna silk

Strata Argentum Riverwashed

Zaha stone silk